100th Anniversary of the Patriotic War Scarf

Scarf, Commemorative




Cotton and Ink


H 78 cm x W 82 cm

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Transfer. Holy Trinity Seminary Archives. 2011


Scarf commemorating 100th anniversary of the Patriotic War against Napoleon. Printed in color on cotton. In center is shoulder-length grisaille portrait of Alexander I wearing military uniform and decorations. Portrait is framed by red ermine-lined canopy surmounted by crown, with crossed oak and laurel branches on bottom. Above canopy are years 1812 and 1912 and two Russian flags. Flanking portrait of Alexander are four scenes: four soldiers speaking to veteran, Napoleon in burning Moscow, retreating French soldiers, and three mounted cossacks. On right and left are verses from Lermotov's poem "Borodino" and Nikolai Sokolov's song "On." In bottom center is scroll with Alexander's reply to Napoleon's offer. Laurel leaf border with entwined tricolor ribbon.