Badge for Loyalty and Service to Russia



Metal and Ribbon


W 1.5 in x H 1.75 in

Accession Number:


Credit Line:

Gift. Ob'edinenie Pervopokhodnikov


Dark metal cross pattee with round protrusions at ends, in center is circular reserve with applied gold double eagle. On arms of cross are is relief inscription: 1918-1920 За ВѢРНОСТЬ и СЛУЖБУ РОССIИ (1918-1920 For Loyalty and Service to Russia). On reverse is engraved inscription: No 28 | ротмистр | князь Бѣлосельскiй | Бѣлозерскiй (No 28 Cavalry Captain Prince Belosel'skii Belozerskii). On St. George ribbon.

Inscriptions & Markings

On reverse is engraved: No 28 | ротмистр | князь Бѣлосельскiй | Бѣлозерскiй