Consecration of Christ the Savior Church Commemorative Medal

Medal, Table


Utkin, Pavel Petrovich






D 77 mm x D 4.5 mm

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Gift. Weeks, Joseph. 2012-08-20


Bronze table medal commemorating the consecration of Christ the Savior Church in Moscow on Ascention, May 26, 1883. The church was in construction for 43 years. On obverse: cross pattee, in center is circular medallion with triangle and emanating rays. On arms of cross are cypher of Alexander I and inscription: ЗА ВѢРУ И ЦАРЯ ("For the Faith and the Czar"). Between arms of cross are medallions with profiles of Emperors Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, and Alexander III. Around medallions are inscriptions designating the roles of these emperors in the construction of the church. Between medallions are years 1812, 1839, 1881, and 1883. On reverse: image of church as it was originally designed by architect Konstantin Thon (1794-1881). Inscription: ЗАВѢЩАЛЪ ИМПЕРАТ. АЛЕКСАНДРЪ I. НАЧАЛЪ ИСПОЛНЕНIЕ НИКОЛАЙ I. 1838. ("Willed by Emperor Alexander I. Fulfillment begun by Nicholas I. 1838"). Reverse is highly unusual because it is from a similar medal commemorating the church's groundbreaking in 1839. Reverse image of the 1883 medal usually depicts the church in its finished state and features a different inscription. Also, the 1838 reverse image was carved by P. Utkin, who died before 1883 (in 1852).

Inscriptions & Markings

On reverse on left: СОЧИНИЛЪ К. ТОНЪ. On right: РѢЗАЛЪ П. УТКИНЪ.