Corporal (Antimins) and Iliton

Corporal (Antimins)




Cloth and Ink


H 13 in x L 17 in

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Transfer. Holy Trinity Monastery


Red iliton. Corporal/antimins is hand-drawn with black ink on blue cloth with the icon of the Deposition from the Cross in the center. On bottom is inscription: Божiею Милостiю Смиренный Савва, Епископъ Гродненскiй и Новогрудскiй. Святой Антиминс сей освященъ 17/4 ноября 1946 въ городѣ Лондонѣ въ Православной Церкви Св. Матѳея Войска Польскаго и преподанъ для священнослуженiя Протоiерею отцу Димитрiю Кутенко "By the grace of God Savva, bishop of Grodno and Nowogród. This holy antimins was consecrated on 17/4 of November 1946 in London in the Orthodox Church of St. Matthew of the Polish Host and given for use by Archpriest Dimitrii Kutenko." Antimins is signed by Bishop Savva (Sovetov) (1898-1951), who served in London from 1943 first as a Polish military bishop, then as administrator of Polish-speaking Orthodox parishes.