Imperial School of Jurisprudence Jetton



1904 - 1908


Enamel, Silver and Silver gilt


H 1.125 in x W 0.8125 in x D 0.125 in

Accession Number:


Credit Line:

Association of Jurists


Green enamel oval with silver double-sided school symbol of crown-topped column with inscription "ЗАКОНЪ" ("Law") in center; on top 1904, on bottom laurel leaves; "переломный," given at midpoint of schooling (during the fourth of seven years) to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tarnovsky. On reverse, Roman numerals I though VII, inscription "Н. Тарновскiй" "N. Tarnovsky." Attached by small chain is small round gold school emblem with school motto "respice finem" ("look to the end") on one side, 29 May 1908 on reverse

History Note

Belonged to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tarnovsky (d. 1958), graduate of the 69th (1908) Commencement of the Imperial School of Jurisprudence in St. Petersburg.