Marfo-Mariinskaia Obitel' Miloserdiia



Synodal Printshop


1914 - 1916




H 8.5 in x W 7.25 in x D 0.5 in

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FRH Museum Collection


Book of the Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy in Moscow. Published by the Synodal Printshop, Moscow, 1914. 50 pp. Cloth binding. Title page has photograph of the main convent church and of Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna, the abbess of the convent; signed "Елисавета 1914" ("Elisaveta, 1914"). On front flyeleaves stamped in black: Gift of Prince N.V. Sviatopolk-Mirsky; in red: Библиотека Свято-Троицкаго Монастыря; in purple: Отъ Е. И. В. Великой Княгини Елисаветы Ѳеодоровны. The book contains several spiritual reflections; describes the history, churches and other buildings of the convent, as well as the daily lives, obediences and attire of the sisters, illustrated by photographs. At the time of printing the convent consisted of 97 sisters. Inserted into book is loose leaf with typewritten text, on the outside of leaf is inscrition in ink: 1916 г. Марѳо-Марiинская Обитель милосердiя.

Inscriptions & Markings

On title page signed: Elisaveta, 1914; On verso of first flyleaf stamped: Библиотека Свято-Троицкаго Монастыря in red; "Gift of Prince N. V. Sviatopolk-Mirsky" in black; On recto of second flyleaf stamped in purple: Отъ Е.И.В. Великой Княгини Елисаветы Ѳеодоровны. On loose leaf is handwritten inscription in ink: 1916 г. Марѳо-Марiинская Обитель милосердiя.