Medal Commemorating 200th Anniversary of Bombardment of Kexholm

Medal, Table




D 2.75 in x D 0.1875 in

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Gift. Roehrberg, Olga Vladimirovna


Replica of original medal. Bronze. On obverse: Profiles of Peter I and Nicholas II, 1710-1910, and inscription: БЛАГОСЛОВИ ГОСПОДИ | ВѢНЕЦЪ НАСТУПАЮЩАГО ВѢКА ("Bless o Lord the completion of the coming year"). On reverse: depiction of the bombardment of Kexholm,with inscriptions: Здѣсь тѣнь великаго имени Петра ("Here is the shadow of the great name of Peter") and: Бомва россиска нашла мѣсто вкеѯголмѣ (sic) ("The Russian bomb found a place in Kexholm"). Struck by the Society of Lovers of Russian Antiquities.