Medal Commemorating the Death of Alexander I

Medal, Table


Tolstoy, Fedor


1825 - 1825




D 6.8 c

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Gift. Pototsky


Medal commemorating the death of Alexander I on 19 November 1825 in Taganrog. Bronze. On obverse is profile of Alexander I wearing a laurel wreath, around is a snake biting its tail. Along rim is inscription: АЛЕКСАНДРЪ I БЛАГОСЛОВЕННЫЙ | Скончался въ Таганрогѣ 19 ноября 1825 ("Alexander I the Blessed. Died in Taganrog 19 November 1825"). On reverse is all-seeing eye with emanating rays and inscription along rim: НАШЪ АНГЕЛЪ ВЪ НЕБЕСАХЪ | 1812 ("Our angel is in the heavens, 1812") - the opening lines of the letter in which Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna announced Alexander’s passing to his mother, the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. . Gold and silver medals of this kind were presented to dignitaries who attended the Emperor's funeral, while bronze medals were given to soldiers who kept watch at the Emperor's coffin.

Inscriptions & Markings

On obverse under Alexander I's profile: К: А: КЛЕП. (Abbreviation for: копировал А. Клепиков - "Copied by A. Klepikov")