Metal Monastic Paraman





W 2.75 in x H 3.125 in

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FRH Museum Collection


Cast metal paraman, consists of cross, back plate and chains. Cross depicts the Crucifixion on front, with all-seeing eye and inscription in Slavonic inside triangle: Богъ ("God"). Reverse of cross has image of Theophany with Ten Commandments tablets below. On back plate is image of the cross with inscription along perimeter in Slavonic: Азъ язвы Господа Iисуса Христа на теле моемъ ношу ("I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus"). On reverse of plate is image of the Three Persons of the Trinity crowning the Virgin Mary and inscription in Slavonic: Отецъ венчаетъ дщеръ, Сынъ Матерь Деву, Духъ Святый невесту ("The Father crowns the Daughter, the Son -- the Virgin Mother, the Holy Spirit -- the Bride")