Nicholas II Coronation Commemorative Scarf

Scarf, Commemorative






H 29 in x W 32 in

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FRH Museum Collection


Printed commemorative scarf, white on brown background, printed on linen. Commemorating the coronation of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. In center, surrounded by a frame of laurel leaves, is depiction of allegorical representation of Russia, in form of a woman holding the sceptre and orb, with a shield with the Imperial double-headed eagle. Below her are the monograms of Nicholas and Alexandra. To the right is a depiction of Moscow, to the left -- of St. Petersburg. Inscriptions: "Россия державная великая и православная" and "въ память священного коронованiя Ихъ Величествъ." Vignettes in four corners depict, from top left: Cathedral of St. Isaac in St. Petersburg, Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow, monument to Peter I in St. Petersburg.