Old Testament Trinity with Abraham and Sarah





Oil paint, Canvas and Oak


H 15.5 in x W 13 in x D 1.5 in

Accession Number:


Credit Line:

Gift. Averky (Taushev), Archbishop


Painted on canvas mounted on an irregularly-shaped piece of the Oak of Mamre. Three anels with staffs sitting at table, in front is Abraham, behind is Sarah, Oak of Mamre and tent.

History Note

Presented to Bishop Evdokim (Meshcherskii) of Volokolamsk (1869-1935), rector of the Moscow Theological Academy from 1903-1906, by Archimandrite Leonid (Sentsov) (1968-1918), head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem from 1903-1918. Bishop Evdokim was later invovled with the Living Church and was assigned as their Metropolitan of Odessa.

Inscriptions & Markings

Inscription on reverse in black ink: "Сiя икона написана на св. Мамврiйскомъ Дубѣ и освящена на Животворящемъ Гробѣ Господнемъ приносится въ даръ отъ Русской Духовной Миссiи въ Iерусалимѣ Его Преосвященству, Преосвященнѣйшему Евдокиму Епископу Волоколамскому, Ректору Московской Духовной Академiи. Начальникъ Русской Духовной Миссiи Архимандритъ Леонидъ. Iерусалимъ. 30 iюня 1905 г." ("This icon, written on the Holy Oak of Mamre and blessed on the Lifegiving Tomb of the Lord, is presented as a gift from the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem to his Eminence, the Most Reverend Evdokim, Bishop of Volokolamsk, Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy. Archimandrite Leonid, Head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission. Jerusalem. 30 June 1905."). Below inscription is red wax stamp of the Russain Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem.