Portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich



Oil paint and Canvas


W 43.25 in x H 38.25 in

Accession Number:


Credit Line:

Gift. Vera Konstantinovna, Princess. 1983


Oil on canvas portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich. The Grand Duke is depicted waist up, sitting in an armchair at a table covered with a dark red tablecloth, in his study at the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna. With his left arm he is leaning on the table, his right hand rests on an open book. He is wearing a dark suit and a white shirt; on the right side of his chest are two small orders on a black and orange and a green ribbon. Portrait possibly painted by Aleksandr Mikhailovich Leontovskii (1865-1928).

History Note

Originally hung at the palace at Pavlovsk. In or before 1942, the portrait was cut out of original frame by a German soldier who liked the frame. A Russian officer (possibly named Korvin), who was serving with the Germans as an interpreter, rescued the painting and sent it, rolled up, to Princess Vera, who at that time lived in the village of Altenburg in Thurindia. The portrait was very cracked, and Princess Vera gave it to IAkov Nikolaevich Danzas, a museum curator, to restore. When she had to leave in 1945 and couldn't take it, she thought the portrait would be lost to the Bolsheviks. However, several years later when she was living in Hamburg, the portrait was again sent to her by a friend -- once again rolled up, and once again in need of restoration, which was done by Aleksei Ivanovich (or Ivan Alekseevich) Deinitsin in New York.

Inscriptions & Markings

In lower left scratched into paint: 19..(illegible)..9...25...(illegible); second line: C...(illegible)...Бажа..овъ