Priest’s silver pectoral cross

Cross, pectoral




H 5.125 in x W 2.562 in x D .312 in

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Purchase. 2010-09-10


Silver priest’s pectoral cross on chain, relief image of Christ on cross. On front is engraved:“ГДЬ ЦРЬ СЛВЫ IС ХС НИКА” on cross, “I.H.Ц.I” over Christ’s head on crucifix, “ г.а.” under skull. On back is engraved: “ОБРАЗЪ БУДИ ВѢРНЫМЪ СЛОВОМЪ, ЖИТIEMЪ, ЛЮБОВIЮ, ДУХОМЪ, ВѢРОЮ, ЧИСТОТОЮ. [а тiмоѳ д. вi] ЛѢТА ["1896" in Slavonic numerals] МАЯ ДI ДНЯ,” incised cypher of Nicholas II.

Inscriptions & Markings

Мark: “IA” in rectangle; “84” and kokoshnik facing left in oval. Mark on chain: “AKK” in rectangle; delta, kokoshnik facing right and “84”in oval.