Tin, Oil paint, Sequins, Thread, Velvet and Beads


W 67 in x H 39 in

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Purchase. 2010-11-09


Shroud/Plashchanitsa. Oil paint on tin. Depicts Christ, Virgin Mary, two angels, four male saints and one female saint. On four corners are images of Evangelists. Robes and halos of figures are embroidered with metallic thread. In border is embroidered inscription in Slavonic and floral ornament. Halos of Christ, Virgin Mary and female saint are decorated with beads. Metallic thread fringe along edge of shroud with tassles at corners (one is missing). On bottom left edge is attached a thread with a ciruclar lead seal. On obverse of seal: AB in center; МОСКВА above and illegible writing below. On reverse of seal: six-pointed star in center, illegible writing above and below.

Inscriptions & Markings

On reverse in bottom left corner handwritten in black ink: 140