Silver Neo-Egyptian Faberge Coffer



Faberge (firm)




Enamel and Silver


W 14.25 in x D 5.75 in x H 4.25 in

Accession Number:


Credit Line:

Mestmacher-Budde, Baron Victor Victorovich


Made by Faberge. Neo-Egyptian style, with coat of arms of each gift-giver on sides and back. On top of lid, large "Л" on blue enamel with a small bird in each triangle. Inside of coffer is silver gilt. Inscription inside lid: "1878-XXV-1903, 12 декабря, Глубокоуважаемому Ушитскому предводителю дворянства Барону Павлу Павловичу Местмахеръ въ день его XXV лѣтняго юбилея предводительства. Товарищи его: Губернскiй уѣздные предводители дворянства Подольской губернiи" ("To the highly esteemed Ushitsk Marshal of the Nobility (in Tsarist Russia, a representative of the government) Baron Pavel Pavlovich Mestmacher on the 25th anniversary of his appointment. From his friends. the Provincial and District Representatives of the Podolsk Province.")

History Note

Presented to Baron Pavel Pavlovich Mestmacher.

Inscriptions & Markings

Marks: double eagle in circle over K. Фаберже in oval: 84, kokoshnik facing left, ИЛ; scratched number 14946