Standard of the His Majesty's Kizliaro-Grebenskii Regiment of the Terek Cossack Host



Cloth, Silk, Thread, Metal thread, Sequins, Fringe, Ribbon and Galloon


H 53.5 cm x W 56 cm

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Gift. Obedinenie Diviziona Sobstvennogo Ego Imperatorskogo Velichestva Konvoia. 1997


Standard of the Kizliaro-Grebenskii Regiment of the Terek Cossack Host (Кизляро-Гребенское Его Величества полк Терского Казачьего Войска). In center, inside laurel wreath emboridered with silver metallic thread and sequins, is embroidered red Latin cross surmounted by crown. At bottom of wreath is light blue banner with years 1577-1877. Four diagolan black rays emanating from center, with remnants of yellow background. In each corner, on blue background, is embroidered cypher of Alexander II inside laurel wreath and surmounted by crown. Between cyphers is embroidered inscription: ЗА ВОЕННЫЕ | ПОДВИГИ | ПРОТИВЪ НЕПОКОРНЫХЪ | ГОРЦЕВЪ ("For military feats against the intractable mountain-dwellers"). Metallic thread and sequin border. Reverse is identical except for the embroidered black imerial double eagle in the center instead of the cross. Silver metallic fringe along edges. On hoist is sewn a strip of silver galloon and two large silver tassels on St. George ribbon.

History Note

Standard was in the custody of Gerasim Andreevich Vdovenko (c. 1865-1945), ataman of the Terek Cossack Host from 1918 to 1920. Vdovenko emigrated to Yugoslavia after Russian Civil War. Standard was kept by Gerasim Andreevich's daughter, Raisa Gerasimovna Dobrosavljevic, and his wife, Raisa Andreevna. Standard was brought out of Yugoslavia throug the efforts of Nikolai Nikolaevich Protopopoff and his son, Nikolai Nikolaevich Protopopoff II, in 1977. Standard was in custody of Aleksandr A. Kravchenko, then given to the museum at Holy Trinity Monastery.