Tetraptych Folding Icon



Brass and Enamel


W 39 cm x H 17.5 cm

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Credit Line:

Gift. Weeks, Joseph


Four-part folding cast brass icon. Rectangular shape topped by ogee arch. With blue, yellow and white enameling. On leftmost panel: icons of the Crucifixion, Annunciation, Nativity of the Theotokos, Nativity of Christ, Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple. Second panel from left: the Trinity, Meeting of Our Lord, Transfiguration, Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem, Theophany. Third panel from left: Elevation of the Cross, Descent into Hades, Pentecost, Dormition, Ascension. Rightmost panel: five icons of Theotokos and saints. On reverse of third from left panel is cross surrounded by ornamentation. Inferior quality of relief and enameling on rightmost panel suggests that it is not original.