Princess Vera Konstantinovna: 100 Years
St. Petersburg, Russia
April 12 - July 20, 2007

On April 12, 2007, the State Museum “Pavlovsk”, near St. Petersburg, opened an exhibit, dedicated to Princess Vera Konstantinovna Romanova, daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov (also know as the poet “K.R.”), and the 100th anniversary of her birth. Representing Holy Trinity Seminary at the festivities were Protodeacon Victor Lochmatow, faculty member of Holy Trinity Seminary and long-time associate of the Seminary’s and Monastery’s museum; E.Iu. Lochomatow, curator of Jordanville’s museum; and Deacon Vladimir Tsurikov, Director of Archives and Library Services of Holy Trinity Seminary and member of the organizational committee of the exhibit dedicated to Princess Vera.

The exhibit was organized by the State Museum “Pavlovsk” in cooperation with the Russian State Archives and the Alexis Jordan Fund for Assistance to Cadet Corps, and was blessed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Laurus, Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary and Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery.

Holy Trinity Seminary contributed eleven items, sent to the Pavlovsk museum on loan for the duration of three months. Another institution that participated in the exhibit was the Russian Cultural Foundation, which is located in Moscow.

The opening of the exhibit began with a parade in the courtyard of the palace of representatives of several cadet corps from St. Petersburg, after which Priest Daniel Ranne served a litia in the palace chapel in memory of Princess Vera.

An exhibit catalog was released by the “Pavlovsk” museum, with several scholarly articles focusing on collections at different institutions, both in Russia and abroad that have significance for the study of Princess Vera’s family. The catalog includes four greetings, contributed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Laurus; B.A. Jordan, President of the Alexis Jordan Fund for Assistance to Cadet Corps; N.S. Tretiakov, Director of the State Museum “Pavlovsk”; and S.V. Mironenko, Director of the Russian State Archives. Contributors to the catalog include A.N. Guzanov (State Museum “Pavlovsk”), M.V. Sidorova (Russian State Archives), V.V. Leonidov and O.K. Zemliakova (Russian Cultural Foundation), Deacon Vladimir Tsurikov (Holy Trinity Seminary), and Edward Kasinec (The New York Public Library).

This event marks the first time that any items from Holy Trinity Seminary’s museum have left Jordanville to be included in other exhibits, and it is of special significance that it was precisely in Princess Vera’s former home that this exhibit took place. Princess Vera has played an important role in the inception of Jordanville’s museum, donating numerous items to the museum, archives and library, and facilitating the acquisition of other items. The items will return to Holy Trinity Seminary on July 20, 2007.

A 144-page exhibit catalog in Russian titled Kniazhna Vera Konstantinovna : k 100-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia was published by Petronii.

Special thanks is due to Mr. Boris A. Jordan and the Alexis Jordan Fund for Assistance to Cadet Corps, who have played an important role in organizing this exhibit and without whose support this event would not have been possible. Owing to the Fund’s initiative, Holy Trinity Seminary was able to facilitate the loan of items for this exhibit. Furthermore, the exhibit also includes several items from the personal collection of Mrs. M.A. Jordan, widow of Alexis B. Jordan – both of whom were close friends of Princess Vera.