The Coronation of Nicholas II: 120 Years

NEW YORK, NY. On October 11, 2016 the Foundation of Russian History presented a temporary exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II. The exhibition was on view at the George F. Baker, Jr. House in New York. Among the objects displayed were the Russian and French editions of Nicholas II’s coronation album, banquet menus, medals, concert programs and tickets, commemorative scarves, cups, popular prints, and a robe from a set of vestments created specifically for the coronation. Visitors were given the opportunity to look through a digitized version of the coronation album.

In conjunction with the exhibit, Kristen Regina, the Arcadia Director of the Library and Archives at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, gave a lecture titled “Portrait of a Dynasty: The Coronation Albums of the Romanovs” that explored the sumptuous books published to document the pomp and pageantry of Russian imperial coronations. These volumes were lavishly illustrated with depictions of the coronation ceremony, processions, official dinners and balls, banquet menus, public celebrations and imperial regalia. In her lecture, Ms. Regina presented Russian coronation albums as a fascinating portrait of the Romanov dynasty and how its rulers wanted to be viewed.

The event was organized by the Russian Nobility Association in America to benefit the Prince Alexis Scherbatow Scholarship Fund.