Faces of War: Russia in World War I

Minneapolis, MN. 26 September 2015

The exhibition Faces of War: Russia in World War I opened at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, MN. Among the objects on display are over fifty objects from the museum collection of the Foundation of Russian History, including military and naval uniforms, weapons, photographs, medals, religious objects, military banner, air force flag, and books.

The exhibit presents the story of World War I as a historical drama of epic proportions that brought incalculable destruction and suffering to millions of people. The exhibition highlights the fate of soldiers and officers who were killed and maimed in WWI and chronicles the history of Russia’s military during World War I.

Other participants in the exhibition include the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, The Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation, The Russian State Archives, The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO in association with The Russian Historical and Military History Societies, the Minnesota Military Museum, as well as private collectors.

The exhibition will be open to the public until March 13, 2016.