Museum Objects Displayed in Hillwood Museum’s Russian Sacred Arts Gallery

Washington, D.C. October 1, 2014

Four litugrical objects from the Foundation of Russian History’s museum collection are now on view at the new Russian Sacred Arts Gallery at the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens, which opens to the public on October 1st. Icons, elaborate chalices, vestments, chalice covers, altar cloths, and other religious textiles will be displayed in this gallery.

The objects lent by the Foundation of Russian History include a Book of Gospels in a silver cover with icons painted on mother-of-pearl, a gild blessing cross, a bishop’s saccos, and a unique podriznik that was a gift from Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna to a clergyman or church.

The loans from the Foundation of Russian History will be on display until January 15, 2015.