Loans from Museum Collection Exhibited at Hillwood Museum

Washington, DC. February 16, 2013

On February 16, a new exhibit titled Pageant of the Tsars: The Romanov Coronation Albums opened at the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. The Foundation of Russian History loaned two objects from its collection for this exhibit – a popular print depicting the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II and a epitrakheleon (vestment) produced for clergy participating in Nicholas II’s coronation ceremony. Hillwood’s website provides a summary of the exhibit narrative: “The pomp and pageantry of imperial coronations were documented and promoted in lavish albums that became almost as important as the extravagant events themselves. To mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Romanov dynasty in 1613, Hillwood presents a special exhibition of the albums created over the course of the family’s reign.”

The exhibit will be on view until June 8, 2013.