World War I Photographs Displayed in Moscow Exhibition “Look Into the Eyes of War”

Moscow, Russia. August 28, 2014

Photographs of the First World War from the collections of the Foundation of Russian History are currently on display at the Novy Manezh in Moscow. The photographs are part of an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I entitled “Look Into the Eyes of War,” which is open from August 29 to September 28.

The exhibition presents archival documents, photographs, paintings, posters, maps and other objects to give a full description of Russia’s participation in the war. A series of short films created especially for this exhibition by renownded filmmaker Pavel Lungin, as well as other multimedia technologies give visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the era of the war.

The exhibition organizers sought to show the history of World War I as a historical drama of biblical proportions, to describe the tragedy of millions of people, the incalculable destruction and suffering that it brought to mankind; to pay tribute to the courage and heroism of millions of soldiers and officers who were killed and maimed in the war; and to illustrate Russia’s efforts in fighting its enemies.
Rev. Vladimir Tsurikov, director of the Foundation of Russian History, was present at the opening of the exhibition, which was officially opened by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on August 28.

The exhibition was organized by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Federal Archives Agency, the State Archives of the Russian Federation, and the State Museum and Exhibition Center «ROSIZO» in association with the Russian Historical Society and the Russian Military History Society. Documents for the exhibit were presented by numerous organizations and collectors from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and the United States.